What Makes a Licensed Plumber Worth Using?

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Is a License Required?

Some projects require a license to get them done.  Whole-home re-piping, for example, requires a permit and inspection in most areas.  Without a licensed plumber, you’re unable to complete certain projects legally.  If you’re unsure whether a licensed plumber is required or not for your repairs, take a moment to call your local inspections office.  They’ll take the time to review your scope of work and inform you what requirements there may be.

Is There Risk to the Project Where You Need Insurance Protection?

Many projects are major enough that they come with risk.  When replacing water lines, for example, if you do something wrong you could flood your entire home causing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.  Using a licensed, bonded, and insured professional ensures that should something go wrong with the job you’re covered.

Does the Skill Required Exceed What You Can Handle Yourself?

It may be easy to repair your own garbage disposal or fix a leaky faucet, but other plumbing repairs aren’t always so simple.  Installing a new water heater, affixing a Halo 5 Water Filtration system to your incoming water lines, or re-piping your entire home likely requires a skillset beyond what you can gather from online videos and other resources.  It’s necessary in these cases to have a pro handle the project and make sure everything is done correctly.

Are All Licensed Plumbers Insured and Bonded?

In most municipalities, if a plumber has a license then he has insurance and a performance bond.  Typically, these are required to acquire and keep a master plumbing license.  Without at least the minimum needed general liability insurance and performance bond, most states won’t issue a professional license.  This means if someone presents a valid plumbing license they are, in most areas, also bonded and insured.

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